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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Speaker replacement assistance needed

Hello. I am needing to replace the speaker in the driver side door of my 1999 chevy Malibu. Me and my dad were looking at it and he knows more about changing out car speakers than I do. He said these things that are for decoration only (round grey things that supposedly cover screws) pop off on the side and bottom of door and there shud be a screw underneath that cover. And he said the speaker shud be screwed into the door somehow. Does anyone have any experience changing out driver side speakers on this type of vehicle?

Speakers to be fitted inside the Flap which covers the bottom of the door. U need to remove the flap and screw holes to be drilled and than fit it with soft side towards the sheet and magnet side shud face upside.

  • 1
    Gather the tools needed to remove the door panel and access the front speaker. You will need a wire cutter for some older models of the Malibu. Keep one handy just in case. Unhook the negative battery cable for safety before beginning the procedure.

  • 2
    Pull open the interior door handle and use the flathead screwdriver to pry off the small trim panel behind the handle. Unhook the electrical connection from the door lock switch and the trim panel. Slide the trim panel around the interior door handle.

  • 3
    Pull the tabs to remove the panel inside of the door armrest cubby hole. Remove the two screws located behind the panel.

  • 4
    Pry off the two tabs in the lower-center part of the door panel. Remove the retainer screws from behind the tabs.

  • 5
    Depress the center of the fasteners around the perimeter of the door panel. Once the fasteners are pressed, they will easily pull out.

  • 6
    Carefully pull sections of the door panel from the door. Several clips mount the door panel to the door; be careful not to break them. Once the clips are detached, remove the door panel and disconnect the electrical connections for the power window/mirror switches.

  • 7
    Remove the screws mounting the front door speaker to the door. Carefully pull the old speaker from the door and disconnect the electrical module. The speaker wires of some older Malibu cars are directly soldered to the speaker connection. If this is the case, cut the wiring with the wire cutters to unhook the speaker.
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