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Saturday, March 17, 2012

97k2500 suburban 2500 with 350 vortech brake issues

This has hydro boost
I changed the master cylinder tonight... I have better braking... but pedal travels almost completely to floor before brakes begin to bite..... I adjusted the drums with no change... even with truck off I can not pump the pedal hard.. do you have any ideas? Could it be the hydro booster? I'm at a loss and need better brakes as I tow more days than not


  1. Pedal Height is controlled by the rear brake adjustment and it is also a possibility you have air in the system or mastercylender. You may also have a bad wheel cylender either leaking or frozen. also check for an equalizing valve if it has a tow package. These are usually attachedto the rear axle simular to GM's Load Leveler Valve Assy. for air ride systems.

  2. When it comes to the brake system, get an expert to check it. Safety comes first when it comes to cars.