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Monday, March 05, 2012

98 vw golf is slipping

My golf is slipping. Not sure if its the clutch or transmission or what. Sometimes it goes down the road just fine other times the engine can rev to the moon and the car barely goes. I had some oil leaking above the clutch and thought that was causing the slipping but after fixing the leak and spraying cleaner on the clutch plate it hasnt stopped. I quess I'm thinking the clutch plate needs to be replaced,but I've but i'm not positive

Did you clean the pressure plate and flywheel also?Also, is your pressure plate mechanically or hydraulically operated.

Upon futher inspection today, I'm not sure i was actually getting cleaner on the plate and disk. I was spraying brake cleaner through an inspection hole in the top of the bell housing and looking closer I probaly was just getting cleaner on the plate backside. I'm going to go out and see if I get cleaner on the disk.

Suggest to him to spray WD-40 on the plate and disc - will also cut down on squeeking!

I believe I figured out the slipping problem except I dont know how to fix it. This particular vehicle uses an automatic clutch adjuster cable and it seems it is to tight. I dont see any way of backing it off.

Here ya go:

Sorry that site is for a maual aduster cable. The 98 golf uses an automatic adjuster cable.

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