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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Car Air Conditioning

As its getting closer to being summer it is time to start thinking ahead. Now is the time to make sure your Car Air Conditioning is working properly instead of waiting till its so hot you can't hardly take it. Take the time to turn your cars air conditioning on and let it run for a few minutes and see if its cold enough that it makes you want to turn it back off. That is a good sign that it is working well. If you want to be more accurate you can always search through the kitchen for a cooking thermometer and insert it into a dash vent. This will give you the most accurate reading and will let you know if its performing as well as it should. If its not working well and you find that you need an Automotive Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Guide. Free Auto offers a great step by step troubleshooting guide that can help you get your Cars Air Conditioning up to working condition in no time. Also some useful diagrams and electrical information.

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