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Sunday, April 01, 2012

06 Ford Explorer Died and will not start

Im looking for ideas of what is wrong.
I have a Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

I drove for about 10 minutes then parked for probably 2 hours or so. Then drove again for about 5 minutes and turned it off.
It started up fine each time.

There was NOTHING that would have let me know that something was going wrong.

Then I started it again and it seemed to idle very low, the inside lights worked fine, the window I could put down. I managed to drive maybe 1 minute and the it stopped. I started it again and it stopped right away. After that it would not start again.

Any ideas of what could be wrong?


  1. When you refrence "no power" are you refrencing no electrical power or no mechanical power and which ever one your refrencing please explain what it does

  2. Check The Gas Gauge

  3. Check the tail pipe.... the potato in the tailpipe gag?