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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Air Conditioning - AC is blowing hot

When it comes to simple comforts such as your air conditioning in your car it can get upsetting when they no longer work form day to day. An automotive air conditioning system can stop working without any notice at all. You could get up in the morning, load the kids to go on that long trip to California and find yourself sweating bullets have way there. No one wants to deal with the car breaking down or the added expense of repairs even when it comes to your air conditioning. So, what can you do when your AC is blowing hot and you are in need of Auto Air Conditioning Repair ? You will need to figure out first if the ac clucth is pulling in and engaging or not. If the clutch is engaging allowing the operation of the ac compressor then most likely the issue is inside the dash involving vent controls. If the compressor is not turning, you could be low on freon, have a bad electrical connection or even a missing belt. When my AC is blowing hot I diagnose and get it fixed quick before it turns the Vacation into a Staycation is you know what I mean....

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