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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New stop start technology ?

We are starting to here about car manufacturers putting Stop/Start technology on new cars and hearing them advertise about this all new technology. This is all supposed to help with fuel mileage. Once the engine reaches a normal operating temperature the car will shut off the engine at stop signs and red lights to help reduce fuel burn. As a Mechanic I see this as burning up starter motors and costing more than the few gallons of gas it saves. I am sure the manufacturer can see this also. So why do they do it, this push for fuel mileage is to help save the manufacturer money over Government fines for exceeding the fuel mileage mandate. They also have you convinced that the problem with fuel prices is fixable by spending your money on a better fuel mileage car.... this doesn't lower the price of gas does it? Adding a New Stop/Start feature to a car and calling it new technology when we have all seen this on golf carts for years is a kinda funny. But hey if it helps sell a few cars, so be it.

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