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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Spring Maintenance what top things does your car need ?

When it comes to car maintenace thare are many factors to concider. One important aspect is based on season or long term wheather change. If you live in a state where the outside temperature stays closed to the same year round, kudos... let me know where that is, lol. This is more for the rest of us that live in changing climates where it gets both cold and hot at different times of the year. The Most important thing to keep maintained on the car are the Tires. Your cars tires are the only thing between you and the ground so to speak. What does that have yto do with the temperature change? Well, your tires are to be inflated to a certain psi and when the outside temperature changes so does the tires psi. So each season change it is nessesary to reset your tire pressure. This is also why that pesky tire pressure light comes on every spring and every winter. The Tire Pressure Sensors are designed to turn on the indicator light on your cars dash anytime it sees a 3 psi differnce. Yup 3 psi. So to avoid the tire pressure light and the premature wear on the tires and not to mention the safety aspect, make sure you take the time to check your tire pressures often.

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  1. As we know that the most important thing to keep maintained on the car is tires but engine is also the significant part of car maintained.

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