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Monday, May 21, 2012

Camping in your RV - Maintenance

Most of the time when thinking about RV maintenance we tend to focus on what needs to be done before going on the trip. As this is a good practice to keep, we also need to focus on maintenance while camping. You went down your usual check list before departing on your journey. Now you are at your campsite, all set up to stay for 2 weeks. While your there and find some free time, you may want to take that opportunity to check on some other parts of your vehicle. Lets check your window locks, test your smoke alarm inspect your cabinets and draw slides. This is a great time to get up close and inspect your water lines since they are in use. You don't want to spend your time on vacation fixing any of the things you found that might need attention so just jot them down on a list for things to give attention to when you get back. This will help you keep up on your maintenance so that each trip isn't spent in dismay over something it shouldn't. Besides, you went camping to get away from all that to begin with. A few minutes making a list may give you a few more hours on your next outing.

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