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Monday, May 07, 2012

Power Steering Pulley on 1990 Buick Century

has 3.3L engine. other day it wouldnt start and find out that it wasnt firing. the crankshaft sensor went out.
we replaced it and it started running. later the belt busted and we noticed it broke the crankshaft sensor.
we replaced it and belt broke again. we noticed the power steering pulley was bent. called autozone and
a few salvage places and none of them carry the pulley for the power steering. they carry one for a 91 and some say
its interchangeable with the 90 and some say they arent. how can I remove the power steering pump pulley or can it be removed?
will a 91 pulley off of a 3.3L engine work on a 90 with same engine? where can i find one online at if nobody carries them?
(buying a whole power steering pump wont even give you a pulley)


  1. those brilliant folks at the Zone will rent you the puller and they do sell the pulley if they look in the right catalog, ask for someone with experience not the id10t that just looks at screens.

    Dorman/Power Steering Pump Pulley
    Part Number: 300-132
    Warranty: 3 MO
    Notes: 19mm diameter shaft Price: $29.99

  2. And NO 1990 and 1991 are NOT the same even though they both have a 3.3. Location and mounting as well as part number are diffrent. Also, 1990 is NOT availible at the Zone but it is at Advanced.