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Monday, June 11, 2012

1991 toyota camry no brake at all changed the master cylinder cleared the lines put new pads on is it the brake booster or the calapers?

changed the bakes cause they were bad, i couldnt compress the caliper so i took it off and it compressed easily, but i had no brake , so my brother who is a mechancic told me it could be a cloged line, so i took them off and cleaned them out and or changed them still nothing, so then he said try the master cylinder so i changed it bench bleed it aand all, bled the bakes after and still nothing

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  1. Usually, when the brakes hold like you had happening, it is the master cylinder. Now, it seems you probably have air in your brake lines, like they weren’t bled all the way. When you change calipers, lines, and master cylinder, you have a lot of work to do to bleed all the air out completely. Does your Camry have anti-lock brakes?