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Thursday, June 07, 2012

1998 Saturn SC2 and the radio will not work. It appears to be locked, the screen says ‘LOC’

I have a 1998 Saturn SC2 and the radio will not work. It appears to be locked, the screen says ‘LOC’ and nothing will turn on
the radio is locked, you need to get the unlock code. perform this proceedure.
  • Turn the ignition key to RUN.
  • Turn the radio power OFF.
  • Press and hold preset buttons 2 and 3 together until a 4 digit number appears on the radio display.
  • Record the numberanswer me back with the 4 digit number and i will call GM and try to get the unlock code for you.
  • The unlock code I got from GM is 0850. perform this proceedure.

    1. Press SEEK DOWN, SEEK UP, TUNE DOWN, or TUNE UP. The radio display should show 0000.
    2. PRESS SEEK DOWN to set the first digit.
    3. Press SEEK UP to set the second digit.
    4. Press TUNE DOWN to set the third digit.
    5. Press TUNE UP to set the fourth digit.
    6. If the code was entered correctly, the radio will display SEC (SECURE). The theft deterrent system for the radio is now active and normal operation may be resumed. If the code was entered incorrectly, the radio will display Err for 5 seconds and the LOC (LOCKED) will be displayed again. If LOC is displayed, repeat 1-6.
    7. If the correct code is not entered in 8 attempts, follow the next steps:
      7.1. Turn ignition to ACC position.
      7.2. Turn radio power switch OFF.
      7.3. Wait one hour before repeating steps 1 through 7. If attempts to unlock the system are made before the one hour period is up, the radio will display INOP (INOPERATIVE). Continue to wait. If the ignition is not in the ACC position, power will never reset internally to allow itself to be unlocked.
      7.4. After one hour, repeat steps 1-7.
    When inputing the first number, just scroll untill 8 is displayed, the zero will not display.

    Unlocking a Locked (“LOC”) System Using a Known Code

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