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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

all gears work except reverse, it sounds like it is in neutral

driving home my car had a screeching noise .i drove it home OK but the next morning i had no reverse.the other gears work OK Plymouth voyager 3.0

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  1. If you have lost reverse gear only, then you have a mechanical problem inside the transmission. There is nothing external such as a solenoid or control system problem that can cause loss of reverse. You may have a broken band, a problem with the planetary gear set, or some other internal broken part. When something like this happens the transmission needs to be completely disassembled and cleaned to get all the metal chips out as part of the repair process.
    The cure for this is to either have the transmission removed and disassembled to determine the extent of internal damage and then rebuilt, or to install another transmission (either a factory remanufactured one or a good used one).
    Unfortunately, there is nothing cheap or easy that you can do for this particular type of problem