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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I have check engine light on it is misfiring #6 cylinder

1996 Isuzu Trooper 3.2 I have check engine light on it is misfiring #6 i took it to shop they put it on diagnostic they put a injector for #6 took it around the block and still misfire but now #5 i was charged 638.61 and i have the same problem. i am pissted!!! he says it is the boots from the plug wires. could you please let me know what i should do before i flip on them? Already Tried: they put it on diagnostic #6 was missing the shop i took it to said the #6 fuel injector was bad they put the injector he took around the block it was the same but now #5 was misfiring now he says its the boots for the plug wires i paid 638.61 and it is the same i am pissted the world is so damn crazy!!!

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  1. Well I would really be upset because your car don’t have plug wires. You car has ignition coils that are attached to the spark plugs they look like this:
    They misdiagnosed your problem. They need to test the ignition coil to see if it’s working. If not they need to replace it ($90 part)