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Thursday, July 12, 2012

03 jeep cheerokee larerdo electric fan problems

I'm helping my brother-inlaw diagnose his electric cooling fan problem. The fans do not come on when it overheats or when the AC is on. He changed the temperature sensor and switched the relays to no vail, Are there two tepmpature sensors? If so where is the second one at?

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  1. The Radiator Cooling Fan Relay Switch for a 2003 Jeep Cherokee is located behind the bumper on the passenger side underneath the headlight.
    There are two ways of accessing it:
    1. Remove the bumper.
    2. Remove the pasenger side headlight assembly and cut a hole in the plastic underneatch click on the link below for more info.
    Update: the relay seems to be a common replacement item for this vehicle. One cause of the failure is that the relay overheats, per a note inserted in the replacement part packaging.
    The cutout method is used by dealers. In one vehicle, the relay failed again after 40,000 miles or so. While replacing the relay it was noted that it was secured by one screw and it was not tight. This did not provide thermal contact with the chassis which helps cool the relay. The cause of the second failure was likely due to improper installation. Trying to work through a cutout would seem to make it difficult to get both screw isntalled securely. Furthermore, the new parts today use steel pop rivets for installation to help guarantee it will maintain proper thermal contact with the chassis. The pop rivets cannot be isntalled without removing the bumper.
    It is not difficult to remove the bumper and grill to get to the relay. It sounds like a big deal but you are talking a half dozen screws and less than a dozen plastic rivets. The act of cutting a hole and working in cramped quarters has to be more difficult and it does not provide as quality a job.

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