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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ford F250, F350 & F450 Memory Steer TSB

Bulletin RCB 12-05 Subject: Memory Steer Vehicle Involved: Ford F250, F350 & F450 Condition: Memory steer may occur when replacing upper and lower ball joints on a Ford F250, 350, 450 with a Dana 60 axle. ! WARNING This part should be installed by a qualified technician only in accordance with the application(s) specified in our product catalog. Repair Procedure: Remove steering knuckle. Remove upper and lower ball joints from knuckle using a ball joint press and adaptors. Inspect steering knuckle for damage. Clean dirt, rust and burrs from bore and recess. Including recessed area into which the ball joint flange fits. (FIG 1).
Figure 1 Place the new ball joint in a vise to articulate stud and rotate, pre-lubricate the joints at this time. Install upper and lower ball joints into the steering knuckle using a ball joint press and adaptors making sure the adapter fits the outer flange area (FIG 2).
Figure 2 Before installing the knuckle assembly in yoke, index camber/caster adjustment sleeve before removing and cleaning. It is important that the sleeve moves freely in the axle yoke. (FIG 3).
Figure 3 Install knuckle assembly into the yoke. (Follow the torque sequence noted below to ensure a proper installation) Torque the lower ball joint. Make sure caster/camber adjustment sleeve moves freely. Torque the upper ball joint. Re-torque the lower joint. Torque sequence: Lower Bal Joint (35 ft-lb’s) Upper Ball Joint (70 ft-lb’s) Lower Ball Joint (190 ft-lb’s)

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