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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Front Suspension Creaking Noise

Bulletin RCB 12-04 Subject: Front Suspension Creaking Noise Vehicles Involved: 2006-09 Volkswagen Passat, Passat Wagon 2005-09 Volkswagen Jetta A5, 2009 Jetta SportWagen 2006-09 Volkswagen Rabbit, GTI, R32 2007-09 Volkswagen Eos 2009 Volkswagen CC Repair Procedure: Vehicles listed above may exhibit a creaking noise originating in the front suspension while entering steep driveways or over large bumps. The source of this noise could be the forward inner control arm bushing. To confirm if this is the issue, raise the vehicle and remove the wheel on the suspected side. Disconnect the lower control arm at the ball joint and move the arm up and down, checking for noise at the forward bushing.

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  1. Hi, I also had a strange creaking coming from my front suspension. I inspected it and I found a broken coil spring on the passenger side. The ride height wasn't really effected as far as I could tell but the spring was broken near the bottom. It's probably a long shot but check it to be sure. Diesel Performance Round Rock