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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Honda to recall CR-Vs over unexpected door opening

Honda's U.S. division is recalling more than 170,000 CR-Vs and Acura ILXs because the front doors can open unexpectedly. American Honda said there have been no reports of accidents or injury resulting from the problem so far. The automaker said it will replace both front door latches on 166.000 CR-Vs from the 2012 model year and 6,200 Acura ILXs from the 2013 model year. It will also replace the interior front door latches on some CR-V cars. The U.S. division of Honda Motor Co. (HMC) said that operating the driver's or passenger's inner-door handle at the same time as the manual or power lock leads to a problem that causes the door to not latch properly. As a result, the door could open unexpectedly.

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