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Thursday, July 05, 2012

My Recent Brake Job

It was the owner who sold me the Wagner brake pads/labor for $200. BUT, when I asked him for an estimate, first, he'd said it would be $275 for brake pads AND rotors AND flushing the brake fluid/refilling with new fluid. THEN, he came out and said I really didn't need rotors or flushing (the Tuffy dealer who originally inspected my brakes had told me I needed both rotors and a flush/refill even said it was all dark and thick and needed new fluid badly) So I didn't know who or what to believe! (A common problem for women, I think). So, I told him to just put on pads and leave it at that and was shocked when he wrote up a bill for $210. Now, what? I feel royally ripped off and don't know what to do. (Wagner Brake Pads sell for $18-32 a set, and it took less than an hour to do the repair) I don't want to be heavy-handed and file a claim against him without talking to him first. What would you advise? I'm upset about everything, now. Thanks for any help you can lend.


  1. I've heard over the years that women should always take a male friend, and let him do the talking for you. Not sure if this is true, but it can't hurt. Secondly, and I've posted this before, go to your states website, find the attorney generals dept, find the consumer protection dept, find the person in charge and write his/her name down. Memorize this name. When the guy hands you a bill for $210, say Abe Snake is going to love this one. When he says whos Abe Snake, say a family friend who works with the AGs office. No service agency licensed by the state wants to get on the bad side of the AG. It might work if you go back to this guy and say you are going to report him. He just might hand you a buck and a half back. I've been using this for many years, and it always works, and I've saved a ton of money.

    A lady friend was filling her tank at a local station. As she was checking her oil, the tank filled, but the nozzle didn't shut off. The car wouldn't start, so she had it towed to a service place. Cost 700 bux for the repair. She told me about it, and I said go back to the station with the bill and try to get a refund. No one would admit ownership. So she said Abe Snake is going to love this one. All of a sudden one of the guys became an owner, and she got every penny back. Sometimes a little white lie dosen't hurt.

    My dog used to chase anyone on a bike, so I took it away from him.

  2. What he sez is true. I went to the DMV to get a Californina ID card (looks identical to a license with your same #). I was wearing a doo-rag and the guy told me to take it off as the DMV won't accept my pix. I showed him my drivers license where I was wearing the same doo-rag and he said that someone allowed it to go through by mistake. I told him to take the pix or the next time we're invited over to dinner by Abe Snake, the director of the DMV I'd mention the incident - & by the way, what's your name. Click and the pix was taken. I found out later that whatever headgear one wears is ok unless it covers the face. In Yuba City we have a large contingent of Indians and the DMV allows that. Beginning of the year our Suburban failed smog for having an electric pump so I called the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) and they told me there wasn't an electric pump issue so I called the smog shop back and told them that I spoke with my cousin Frank at the BAR and he's ready to send an investigator out to the shop. Took the vehicle back in and it passed even though the tech was pissed... Take a man (we're good for somethings) with you as in California a woman will get taken most of the time.