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Sunday, August 12, 2012

1999 Saturn SC2 almost all of the lights in my dashboard went out

I drive a 1999 Saturn SC2; it’s a 4 cylinder, and has 3-doors. Two and a half weeks ago, almost all of the lights in my dashboard (speedometer and fuel tank indicator light) with the exception of the mileage light/ticker, went out while I was driving during the afternoon. Then tonight a friend noticed that both my tail lights are now out, but the brake light still works. I plan to take the car in to a mechanic tomorrow afternoon, but I would like to have an idea what I am up against: blown fuse/light or shot electrical system?

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  1. You may have a a bad headlight switch or the Park Fuse in the underhood junction block may have burned open, Check the fuse first, it is located here. 2nd row third from right the red one in the left front of the engine compartment. If the fuse is blown there is a reason that needs to be found.