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Monday, August 06, 2012

Coolant & heating up

First off, the Chevy dealer changed radiator fluid in my 1995 GMC and used Dexcool which wasn't listed by name on the service order. Then I changed out the thermostat and topped it off with regular 50/50 antifreeze. Is it going to blow up? The other day coming back from down the hill it was 101º and I had both front and rear A/C on and the temp gauge showed 250º. Would it help if I change out the clutch fan? I didn't hear the electric fan in front of the radiator.

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  1. I'm not a GM fan, but I assume the clutch fan opens.up at a certain speed or temp. I've always heard that after 35 MPH, you don't need a fan. One my '60 Falcon, if I drove more than 80 MPH, it would over heat. Looking at the radiator, which was very small, I could see that at high speeds the fan formed a wall which actually stopped air from flowing thru the radiator. The four blades are actually two pieces of metal riveted together. I drilled out the rivets, bolted the one blade back on the pulley, and it never over heated again.

    Your car is 17 years old and if it has the original radiater, it could be clogged inside or that new stat is sticking partially closed. Also clean the fins on the A/C cooler and radiator in case they are filled with junk just by driving it. It used to go to the DIY car wash once a year and blow the crap out of both coils. Just like you do with your compressor on your home A/C unit.