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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Low beam on 1993 Celica is out on driver side

Bought new headlight and replace it. Still did not work. Switch headlights, low beam work on passenger side, but not driver side and high beam worked on both sides. Check the fuses, none were broken. Look at the wiring visually couldn't tell if wiring was damage. And ideas what my next steps should be?


  1. Could be the plug on the left side. Try shooting it with a contact cleaner like Deoxit or CRC. Then plug and unplug the lamp several times. If you have a DC volt meter, you can check to see if you have juice at both hot holes on the plug. One side on bright, the other on dim.

  2. Had the same thing happen to one of my cars, found out a wire had rubbed on the sheet metal.