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Friday, August 17, 2012

Premature Front Brake Pad Wear 2010-2011 Ford Transit

Bulletin BPI 12-05 Subject: Premature Front Pad Wear. Vehicles Involved: 2010-2011 Ford Transit Connect built on or before 4/29/2011. Condition: Customers may complain about front pads wearing faster than normal. There was a friction change to correct this problem. Vehicles with Advance Trac System will have to go to a dealer to update the calibration to account for this change. Repair Procedure: Determine if the vehicle is equipped with Advance Trac stability control system. Turn the key to the on position and look for the Traction light on the instrument cluster (Fig.1) Is the vehicle equipped with Traction control system? a. yes – vehicle is equipped with traction control go to step 3 b. no – vehicle is not equipped with traction control go to step 4 Take to a Ford dealer and have the traction control system reprogrammed to account for the friction material change. (This will be covered under the 3 year 36,000 warranty) Reference Ford TSB number 11-7-14 Replace pads with a ceramic friction part number PGD970C

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