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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2000 porsche 996 C/2 Coolant recovery tank is leaking

I have a 2000 porsche 996 C/2 Coolant recovery tank is leaking from below near the temperature sensor. Is the sensor a dry type and is this common occurance for the tank to leak. Answer: level sensor is incorporated with the recovery tank. There are not known problems with leakage but there are a couple TSB bulletins referncing problems witht he reovery tank giving false, low coolant readings. They have redesigned the tank and new part number issued. The old part and # are no longer available. Why leaking? unsure. Possible at seam or switch setting into tank. You must replace entire tank if confirmed leak is from there. here is TSB info below 99 7 XS 62 5704, Coupe 99 7 XS 65 4287, Cabriolet The new coolant expansion tank (part number, 996 106 147 55) prevents false illumination (flashing) of the coolant warning light when the volume of coolant fluctuates in the expansion tank. When replacing an engine on vehicles prior to the above VINs, the new type coolant expansion tank should also be installed. The new coolant expansion tank can also be installed (on vehicles produced prior to the above VINs) for repeated complaints of coolant light flashing when there are no indications of overheating or coolant leaks. Note: A thorough bleeding must be performed to ensure no residual air pockets exist in the cooling system. Parts Information: Part Number Description 996 106 147 55 New/Coolant expansion tank 996 106 147 54 Former/Coolant expansion tank, no longer available

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