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Friday, October 12, 2012

2006 Chevy Cobalt Check Engine Light On

I have a 2006 checy cobalt. the problem is my engine keeps comming on then it will go off. It may be off for 2 days then comes back on even while im driving. Then it may stay on again for couple of days then go off. What could be the problem.

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  1. Get someone to check the codes. Autozone or someplace like that will do it for free. I am just guessing but if you have a lot of miles on this car it could be your cat/converter is starting to be plugged or a sensor going bad. If it’s still under warrenty, the dealership will be the best place to start. Out of warrenty, check or have the engine codes checkrd and then let us know what has been discovered.
     Alot of times it could something as simple as a loose gas cap. Theres a sensor that monitors the vacuum pressure and if that cap is loose then it cant keep a vacuum. I would try that…..This is True. Even a Fuel Cap being loose or having a inoperable pressure valve in it can cause this. However, if the vechicle is covered under a warrenty a maintence record is kept and these facts become availible to persons of interest like Car Fax when it is resold and the Consumer Protection Agency for ReCalls and updates.