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Monday, November 19, 2012

Need Help with Break Lights

I have a 95 Chevy G-20 series conversion van, I have running lights, blinkers, but no break lights, when the lights are on I have running lights, without lights on, I have nothing but blinkers. I checked and changed the bulbs, still notta, I had the shop check all the fuses under the dash, I also was told it was probably the break light switch, so I just changed it and still notta clue, does anyone have any Ideas of what it could be? Response: 1) You may have just blew the fuse, check that & check that the turn sig switch is plugged in tight, it will be under the dash on the column, a flat plug with aroun 12-15 wires, and it may be attacheched to a bracket on the column 2) Could be as simple as the brake light switch mounted on the pedal, quite common on older vehicles.

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