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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Problem with my car air conditioner

I have a problem with my Honda CIVIC air conditioner. The air conditioner stops working after about half hour of running. It starts to work if the engine is switched off for about 15 minutes. I am quite hesitant to take it to a dealer as they tend to make it a bigger problem than it actually is.

Could any of you throw some light on what the problem is and if I could fix it on my own. A friend of mine suggested it could be due to the condensation water getting frozen, but he is not able to explain it.

I am not an expert with machines though but I can manage to do some repairs through simple instructions

Could somebody help

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  1. Low freon in an air conditioner can cause freezing. Just try re-charging your system to see if that fixes your problem. Most auto parts stores will sell you a kit or take it to a shop if you feel more comfortable doing that.