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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Auto Parts Shipping Costs

As it gets closer to the holiday season it seems more difficult to keep up with every day tasks. We all know it just has to do with more action happening do to the season and this can become difficult at times without a little extra help from an outside source. Last season I found my self so overloaded that we took the time to look around for some good transportation management software to help with the load. We not only found it useful for organizational purposes but found it had the ability to cut some of our shipping costs. The software will let you compare costs between carriers quickly and easily. Besides, who doesn't want to save money anytime they can when shipping your auto parts or anything for that matter. It is great to have your parts delivered on time and at the cheapest cost possible. This software has the ability to save you time, which is money. The software will make your record keeping and billing very easy and streamlined. This is truly a transportation management solutions gift to anyone in the office. We are now thinking about expanding our Auto parts sales now that we have more time to focus on what counts. We don't have the need for it but thought it might be worth mentioning to you that they also offer hazmat shipping for those that find themselves in need of this kind of service. And the best thing about this software is there is no long term contract, you just pay on a "per usage" basis. So why not take your auto parts business to the next level and give it a try, We enjoy having it and we think you and your customers will benefit from it just the same. If you have used this software please take the time to comment about it below and let everyone know what you think about it. Maybe you have used a different software or have some other ideas, either way feel free to share your comments below.

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