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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

cat possibly stopping up now?

lately i been trying to back out of driveway and it has been flooding a lot. timing is set and have checked spark plugs, wires and the rotercap. i done some research and found out that it could possibly be my catalytic converter. when i finally get going, for close to 2 miles it acts like its still flooding, and ill be holding my gas to the floor and still acts up. I do not smell any sulphur smell or anything. I have no check engine light on, but i think its just startng to happen. is there any other ways to test it before i get it cut off? (i been planning on cutting off and running straight pipe for my glasspack only if i have to though so itll make it louder) thanks


  1. put your hand almost over the end of the tail pipe and have somebody rev the motor a little bit and see if you feel strong exhaust blowing out. If the catalytic converter is plugged, youll hardly feel anything at all. If its open, youll feel a strong exhaust blowing out.

  2. ok i got a glove and put on cause my exhaust was kinda hot cause i just got back and saw this. its a glove with the kelvar in it (like in bullet proof vests) and put my hand over it and had someone rev engine up, it wasnt real strong but some was blowing and it started smoking like a freight train but then when i took my hand off the exhaust it smoked a few seconds and stopped. could that be from exhaust or from my glove i had on? as i said though, it wasnt real strong, but i could feel it somewhat. Coudl that mean its STARTING TO stop up?

    should i knock a hole in it and clean the stuff out then put a piece of metal over the hole and jb weld it over it or have someone weld it, or would i be better off to just take converter off and run a straight pipe?

    oklahoma doesnt have an emissions law but i know its still illegal to cut them off, but why do they let muffler shops do it if its illegal?

    do i have a real high chance of getting stopped for it and them checking under my truck?