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Friday, December 07, 2012

where is the water going?

98 tahoe 5.7 engine adding 2-3 gallons of water into radiator a day it is not mixing with oil anywhere. tail pipe is dry, floorboard is dry, so that takes the heater core out of the problem. the only small leak i can find is in radiator where transmission line hooks in. no water under car with it running sitting still. any help please.


  1. My 97 suburban blew the exaust gaskets and was loosing it slow out the back of the motor and down the top of the trans.. almost impossible to find when it was running... took about 2 hours to run it empty enough to make the tempature fluctuate... but never put a drop in the motor.... are you still using dexcool? And have you ever changed the intake gaskets? And what's your mileage??

  2. The head gasket is also possible.... could also cause misfire... check for white exaust or exaust that smells like antifreeze