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Monday, January 07, 2013

Journey on the fast track

Whether your male or female, big or small, at one point in your life you may have had the desire to mash your foot to the floor and feel the power beneath along with the roar of the engine. Unfortunately the comfortable streets we drive on daily aren't a safe place to accomplish this, even though more of us are guilty than not of doing so anyway. Most of us have spun the tires and one point or another and raced the car down the highway just for the thrill and nothing more. What drives this emotion? Doesn't matter to me either. So why do we do it? who really knows. As we grow older it seems to make less sense as we are more aware that a kid could run out in the street after a ball at any moment. So we move to just doing it on the highway or country roads, but we still do it.... When we look at purchasing a car, we will consider how much power it has before buying it as we know how we are going to drive it. In the long run the car will last longer if we don't hot rod it, but we continue to do it anyway. If we could afford to go to a race track we might even want to do it more. For now it will remain a mystery and a journey non the less.

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