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Friday, February 15, 2013

How far can you Drive when the fuel light comes on?

I don't know about you but when my fuel light comes on, I am looking for the nearest gas station. I generally do not like to let my fuel gauge read below 1/4 tank. The reason for this would be that I know the only thing keeping, my $750 to replace, fuel pump cool is the gasoline that surrounds it. Sometimes this just can't be helped  either your on a long trip, forgot your wallet or short on time. For whatever the reason that you let your fuel tank get so depleted that the LOW FUEL LIGHT has come on, it is a good idea to know just how far you can go once it does illuminate.

Not all cars are created equally, So even if your buddies Silverado gets 5 million miles it is not certain that you will get the exact same. Each car manufacturers standards are also different and fuel tank sizes are different. So lets just stick with an Average Number that most all of the cars on the road can handle. That average would be around 80 miles. And of course driving style, highway vs. City and weather play a role as well.

The only sure fire way to be able to tell how far you could go, other that just running it till it ran out, would be as follows:
1) drive it till the light comes on
2) fill it with gas and note how many gallons it took.
3) Subtract those gallons form the total capacity of your car (see your owners manual)
4) Use this number and multiply it by your average fuel mileage

Now you have a closer to exact idea of just how many miles you could go if you had to. And of course I recommend that you do not push the limit to find out as it might end up causing you to have to walk and who wants that. That's why we bought the car in the first place right?

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