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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Windshield wipers not working

on a 1988 s10 my wipers quit
other day i tried to clean my windshield and my sprayer wouldn't work. i just then got out and poured some water on and then tried my wipers and they didn't work then. i then tapped on my windshield wiper motor and it started working. next day i checked it again and when i set the delay on my wipers it kept spraying. now its not working at all or my water isn't.

would that be a pump for my water on windshield, my wiper motor or the pulse board on the motor?


  1. Yours might not have the pc board as does the 90's GMC & Chevies. I had the same problem you described so I got a junk yard windshield wiper pc board and swapped it out and now the wipers and washers work just fine.

  2. Very similar to the pc board in my '95. Good luck on trying to find a broken solder joint as most of the time it's a cold solder joint. I found a board at the junk yard for $5.98 - made my day;-) If you have junk yards in your area, I suggest you call around.