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Sunday, March 03, 2013

question about a car we are looking at buying

we are looking at a 1996 toyota avalon on craigslist. went and drove it and really like it. It has a check engine light on and he has all the paperwork from the dealer. dont remember what code was but it was from the cat converter. He had an aftermarket cat put on it. Will that keep the check engine light on? I was told i could get a dummy sensor but will that turn it off IF i have a cat on it already? where would the sensor go?


  1. A great read that might help you in the future when buying a used car

  2. try to disconnect the battery and see if it resets the light
    not real sure on that make

  3. He could be talking about a bad 02 sensor etc... have it scanned for free at any auto parts store

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