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Sunday, April 07, 2013

2001 Pontiac Grand Am that has the ABS light on

 I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am that has the ABS light on, a brake light comes on sometimes and the Trac Off light is on, I need these fixed and I don't have alot of cash. I can buy the parts needed but I need someone who can put them on for me. Can anyone help me? I had one guy say he would come by but he never showed up.


  1. The abs and the trac light both work of the wheel sensors that monitor wheel speed, first you must find out which wheel sensor is bad or if it is the module or computer that reads the input from the sensors and go from there. Some auto parts stores can read the abs system and tell you which part you need. If you drive with a bad reading from the abs you just wont have anti-lock brakes but will have brakes just like a car that didn't come with anti-lock brakes.

  2. BE SURE that you check your Brake Fluid Level. This is very important as if there is a leak in the system you will have the same issues EXCEPT after a few stops there will be very little stopping action. I suspect that Robin has a slight leak or a bad master cylinder with the issues she has described or, the system was partially repaired and NOT Properly Bled. Leaks are NOT always obvious, such as a wheel cylinder or a master cylinder. NEVER Second Guess what Stops your Vehicle.

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