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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I was considering getting an alignment on my '95 GMC K2500 Suburban until the guy told me that if the truck hasn't been aligned before that there is a knockout plate on either side at the upper control arms that has to be removed. Labor would be $180.00


  1. Now THAT's a CROCK!!! Have that person show you where the knock out is as it is Stamped into the sheet metal and takes less than 30 sec per side to remove with a punch and hammer. Also, open the hood and look straight at the 2 bolts that hold the control arm and notice the shims. How did they get there with the Knockouts still in place? Easy, from under the hood. I've done this more time than I am old. And don't let them talk you into a 4 wheel alignment as the rear wheels are fixed/non adjustable.

  2. The shop said it would take an hour per side as the control arms have to be removed.
    I'll get another opinion at a different shop

  3. Here's a Clue, the control arms have to be removed to remove the knockouts. How do they remove the control arms with the Knokouts in place? They simply loosen the 2 bolts and drop in the shims, they don't have to remove anything to set caster/camber.

  4. Sounds like bs to me. definitely get a second opinion.