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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tie Rods

I was told I need both inner tie rods replaced.
Should I get the inner AND OUTER tie rods done
at the same time?


  1. I would have that guy do both of them at the same time, labor is the biggest cost in any repair, a lot of it involves time spent lifting the car, removing wheels, gathering tools etc. Why would you want to pay to having to do this twice? Don't forget to get an alinement afterwards.


  2. Well Friends here the Low on this item, Outer Tie Rod Ends cost $16 each from Advanced Auto Parts and from there the Inner Tie Rod Assembly is $18 each so the Grand Sum of Parts is $66. Like I said, YOU NEED SPECIAL TOOLS!! But you can ALSO BORROW them from most stores. Now, you NEED to know what your doing and HOW to do it. How much is your Safty Worth? PS, It's NOT that difficult of a job to do areter you Study Before attempting.