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Thursday, June 13, 2013

2009 Malibu LT Possible BCM?

Bought a 2009 Chevy Malibu LT 2.4L, 6 Speed. automatic. on 5/11/13 & all seemed well on test drive & drive home(10 miles) Except the key fobs acted funny. not quite working right all the time, Thought might be batteries but new battery & same. Next day drive 30 hwy miles & all ok. On drive home Cruise stopped working. Next day was raining & w-wipers would not work. I am a Forced, Retired(sick) Michigan, ASE Auto Master 38 years. No codes, All fuses good, switched relays, no change. Installed dielectric grease in BCM connections, no change. Went to W-Wiper motor & no signal from harness side, apply voltage to w-w motor & it runs fine. Not having a scanner I am thinking BCM(Body Control Module), or VIM(Vehicle Interface Module.)At around $600.00 At the local Dealer I could use all the help I can Get.

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  1. Does the key fob work to let you start and run the car all the time?

    If so, and if it opens your doors and disarms the alarm (if you have those options), then it's not the key fob at fault.

    You could have something as simple as a bad contact in the wiper switch or the wiring down the steering column, or a connector pin not making good contact where the steering wheel harness connects to a chassis harness (around the bottom of the steering column in most cases).

    Since cruise and wipers use the same wiring harness through the steering column, I'd bet it's the harness where it connects to the chassis harness or maybe even at the top if it uses the same connector where the cruise and wiper switches connect to it.

    If you suspect that, you can try jumpering (a short) across the connector from one side to the other. If that restores function to the wipers or cruise, you can either hard-wire those wires together (use a matching spade lug and socket so you can pull them apart if you ever need to disconnect the wiring harness) or clean the contacts with a screwdriver.

    I think it's a wiring problem and not a control module issue, but it is possible that it is the latter. Just not as likely as a wiring problem.