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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Chevy S-10 rear clearance issue

I just had a class III trailer hitch installed for a wheelchair lift I
bought. The problem I'm having is that the bottom of the lift scrapes
the ground when pulling out of my driveway and on the street when
pulling up and into the alley behind my house.

I was thinking that there would be some sort of lift kit, air shocks,
or maybe something to add to the hitch to extend as well as raise the
wheelchair lift high enough to clear the ground.

I have a 1998 regular bed regular cab 2 wheel drive S-10 with the step

What are my options and what trade-offs does each option have?

Thanks in advance!!!


  1. Firestone makes a rear air bag system that will lift the rear end from 2 to 8 inches. I installed one on my 94 S-10. It will cure your problem. Think it cost about $250.

  2. Thanks for this idea. I hadn't thought about this but it is one more
    option to consider.