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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dry Push Rods

Valve cover of doing timing just trying to eliminate potential reasons Why this 94 Chevy Astro 4.3 tbi runs like a clunker when warm. Any way I have realized that the lifters get oil coming up through But the push rod are dry well the part I can see any way. My main concern is should oil be coming up while the lifters are working Or does the oil stay low in the head?


  1. The push rods act like a piston in the lifter. Inside the lifter is a cylinder with o-rings and when the lifter moves up, the pressure from the valve train makes the oil pump up thru the inside of the push rods to lubricate the rocker arms.If the oil isnt squirting out while running you either have Plugged Lifters OR a Bad Oil Pump. No If ands or buts.

  2. Wouldn't the fact that all of the pushrods are dry indicate that the
    lifters or the rod holes weren't plugged? I would think that, if
    something was plugged up, they wouldn't all be plugged up at the same
    time, but I haven't had that experience so it might be possible.

    If the rods themselves are plugged, they can be cleaned out with some
    stiff wire then sprayed through the holes with a solvent like brake
    cleaner or carburetor cleaner.

    Is there an oil pressure gauge in the dash? If not, it might be worth
    buying one before you tear into things (or have someone do that for

    It was mentioned that there is oil coming up through the lifters but
    not the pushrods. If the lifters are partly clogged, it might reduce
    the oil pressure above them so that the oil doesn't go through the

    If it was only a partially plugged set of lifters, you might get them
    freed up using one of those engine cleaners that you add to the oil
    for so many miles. I still think it would be good to get a reading on
    the oil pressure, and it might be cheaper to buy an accessory gauge
    and install the sensor just to get a reading than it would be to take
    it to a mechanic to check out.