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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

2001 Ford Escape Overheating

Dave was driving it home from work about a week ago. He exited the interstate, and when he reached the stop sign at the end of the ramp the car died. I went out to give him a jump, and we ended up adding a bunch of water to the car. He says the "hot" light never came on, but I never know whether to believe him. When I was following him home, at one point I aw a lot of either smoke or steam coming from the exhaust. But not all the time. When we got home we found a plastic Y connector that connected two hoses in front had broken. We got that replaced, but the car still isn't right. It was idling rough, wanting to die, and running hot. I know you're thinking "head gasket" because I am too. But there's no smoke coming from the exhaust, and he claims the oil doesn't look milky or anything. He replaced the thermostat today, and it seemed to be ok. He took it on a test drive - about 30 miles away, and what would have been 30 miles back. But at about the 27 mile marker on the return trip, he got to a stop sign, and it stalled again. I had to go out and give him a jump. But it was not low on water. He claims the "Hot" light did not come on. He drove it home, and it died on us again about 1/4 mile marker, and would not start. It acted like it was hot, but no light. I pushed him home and here we are. What should we check?

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  1. Check the light to make sure it WORKS...?