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Monday, July 15, 2013

4.6 v8 spark plug blow out

Got 01 grand marque bout 115 k spark plug blew out #6 bout 1000 miles ago just wondering what the steel insert is doing to My engine My car runs like crap now. Cant afford the kits from lock n stitch Or timsert could I but the aluminum insert and just replace it that way. from what i understand this a common issue with the 4.6, 5.4 and the v10?


  1. Yea the threads are stripped. From what I gather steel inserts and helicoils are no good for aluminum heads steel doesn't transfer heat fast enough and that's Why My engine is running very bad. Helicoils bind up I deal with em every day at work they suck


  2. The best fix is to replace the head BUT, if you remove the head and install the heli-coil from the chamber side and then prick punch the insert from the outer side they stay seated much longer. I've done this more time than there are days in a year on motorcycles such as Honda and Yamahas. I still have the Taps and a couple inserts somewhere in my tool box.

  3. Im wondering if Ford has a newer year head that will work for My car??? After reading and reading for days I find the same Type of answers from 99 to 03 a poor design with 3 threads holding the plug resulting in a major problem with spark plug blow outs sucks for me i guess but their are options. I think im gonna pull the heads have them both machined for the anodized aluminun insert from timesert and have all 8 holes done from what I gather this is common race engine practice for stronger Holds. Seems legit