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Thursday, July 11, 2013

what to check this time?

ok, this is the 2001 Ford Escape that we put a t-stat in a few weeks ago. he told me that he also added something called "liquid glass." He say it has been running fine since then, but today when he was almost at work it started running rough. He has to go up a small hill, and he said it strained so hard he wondered if it was going to make it. When he got to work, it stalled out like it was hot, but the gauge and light still say it wasn't. Additionally, he said it didn't feel overheated like it did last week. It was hot because he was driving it but not hot enough to have overheated. Now when he starts it, when it's at a low idle it makes a weird tapping, almost like a chirping noise. It run badly, and when it goes down to idle the oil light flickers. At higher revs, the oil light stays off.


  1. ya know that sounds like its getting air locked inside the engine, like the coolant isnt getting inside the engine and head to keep it cool, in spite of it being full of coolant, the block is empty. There are a couple ways to fix that, one is take out the thermostat and drill a pin hole in it so the air can get through and make way for the coolant. second, you could run it without the thermostat, or lastly you could pull a vacuum on the cooling system then when its released the coolant can flow in. I have done these before on my Toyota pickup which is famous for air locks in the cooling system.

  2. That's what it sounds like to me too, low coolant syndrome.

  3. thanks. he's stuck at work. we're probably going to have to have this stupid thing towed from ann arbor to linden.

    i told him what you said, and he said to ask you how to pull a vacuum.

    he also aid that now it is running horrible even though it isn't hot.

    he said that oh his car, the only way to access the coolant is through the reservoir, not the radiator itself. and that when it's hot, it starts bubbling when he opens the lid.

  4. If there is an air leak in the cooling system it will NOT draw the coolant from the reservoir. Then you have a Low coolant problem.