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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

10-15% Ethanol use?

ok we have been having a problem with my grandpas 94 f150. its hard to start and had a misfire in it at first. we chagned spark plugs and wires and it got even worse. we called autozone and they said its probably bad gas in it. they said its going to just get worse starting september 15th of this year. the goverment is requiring all gas stations to use 10-15% ethanol. is there anything you can recommend to do for our cars? i really cant afford going to autozone and getting fuel stabilizer every time i get gas. the manual says not to use anymore than 10% ethanol or it will damage it. cars say on the doors also now to not use more than 10% ethanol or that will void warranty(could be wrong about the %). is that just a way for the government to help manufacturers to rip people off on their warranty? i needed gas really bad once and was worried about making to gas station and closest was ethanol at the time so i got some just to stop myself from running out. it turned my check engine light on and didnt go off for over 3 tanks of non ethanol gas. thanks


  1. To be honest, I didn't even think a 'normal' car would even RUN on ethanol...

  2. thats what all gas stations are telling us and even auto zone is telling us here. the store managers at the stations arent happy about it. they say thats just a way to get older cars off the road and they claim to get gas prices down

  3. Wow - I had NOT heard that. Didn't the "Cash for Clunkers" get rid of
    ENOUGH older cars(and devastated the used car market)? Not everyone
    can afford to buy new cars...

  4. i know like me. my truck is an 88 model and it says it can run up to 10% ethanol and i didnt even know they had ethanol back in 1988. when i can actually find me a job i might consider a diesel instead of gas cause i rather not ruin them with that ethanol junk

  5. cutting fuel is only advisable if you know your engine and what it can handle, easy way to do lot of damage othrewise