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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Labor Time Question - How much should I charge my customer?

To be fair to my customer, how much labor time should I deduct for each rear brake replacement when no bearing repacking was done? Can I consider it "a wash" and NOT deduct any labor time since the rear brakes were in horrendous condition (both because of the two leaking wheel cylinders and because of corrosion and neglect? Lastly, are all flat rate times PER axle/brake/each?


  1. To be fair to your customer is a great quality and should gain you return business. As listed in the individual labor times you can see where you could add extra time for interference parts etc. The brake labor is for both sides Front is both front, rear is both rear. Each wheel cylinder time is for ONE side. So you can double that one.

    Just like the belt.. you had to take it off to replace the alternator, so to be FAIR, you wouldn't charge for the time to replace the belt. The Tensioner however, you should.

    Generally at my shop we would quote brake shoes at 1 hour labor plus parts. Mark up your hardware and shoes, not your labor. If you had to use brake wash... add that in. A good rule of thumb. If you need to justify the costs, it will probably not go well with the customer. Keep the little stuff cheap and the big stuff big(my opinion only).

    There is no problem with charging for extreme or Severe conditions. Rusted or broken off bolts, etc. Generally I charge 1 hour for brake shoes, 1 hour for brake pads and 1 hour per wheel cylinder(including bleeding if needed). In general., I charge 1/2 hour for each regular shock. That is just me, not the labor guide. And it is important to remeber that a Labor GUIDE is just that, a GUIDE. A good starting point for you to base your labor on. If you have rusted, broken or dirty parts that require a longer time, then by all means you should charge for it.

    Hope this helps

  2. there are online labor quote guides by state, try a search for edmunds data network