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Monday, October 14, 2013

log splitter will not start

So I bought a Brand New Huskee 22 Ton Log Splitter in fall of 2012. I had just bought this property of around 12 acres and mostly trees. The place had been vacant for over seven years. Heavy wooded with all kinds of over 100 foot tall trees and fallen trees. The house was already equipped with a whole house wood burning fire box. This was gonna be great fun and good exercise. Had no issues with this log splitter during it initial use. Wasn't until after the first 5 uses that I noticed things coming loose. First it was the Hydraulic fluid fill cap, then I noticed the return line leaking, then I noticed the filter leaking. A Went over everything like I probably should have done(guess checking the engine oil level wasn't enough).

 I thought, well, not to big a deal right. Wouldn't hurt to check all the fittings before each time I use it. I put up a few cords of wood and was happy about it. Then As winter ran longer than expected it was time to once again get out the Log Splitter. I thought no problem until I went to start it. It was difficult to pull being cold out and the engine oil being cold and thick. So I pulled and pulled to no avail. I moved on to the starting fluid and got her to fire... wasn't fun and with it being so cold, my lungs were now cold and tired and most of the energy I had saved up to split wood was now spent... Not looking forward to this every winter.

 Winter turned to spring, then to summer and finally fall once more. I had cut down a few trees over the summer and it was now time to split and stack wood. Pulled and pulled the start cord on this 190 cc* Briggs & Stratton® engine. You guessed it... NO START. I quickly got out the starting fluid and she fired but would only stay running while spraying the starting fluid into it. Had plenty of gas, but none getting to the carburetor.

 Took the carb. apart and found the main jet clogged, cleaned it out and ran fine the rest of that day. two days later and clogged again. At this point I can only blame the fuel for introducing dirt into the carb.

 I plan to add a screen at the fill cap location on the tank and also plan to run the gas tank completely empty after each use to minimize trouble starting. After all, it splitts wood well when it does run.


  1. Had that happen to me and I ended up replacing the carburetor...

  2. Turned out to be bad gas. Drained fuel system and checked carburetor(was clean). Drained and filled gas tank from a different can and fired right up. it happens, lol.

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