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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kawasaki Mule - keep finding gas in my oil

Kawasaki Mule 

I purchased a brand new Kawasaki Mule last year to use around the homestead. I had heard all kinds of great things about this beast. I have been able to load this thing with firewood, hook a log splitter to the back and drive up hill with no problems at all. I have even gone so far as to hook a chain to a full size Chevy truck and pull the truck uphill over 50 yards without a problem. Yeah, the truck was broke down and we had it in neutral but that is still pretty good in my book. 

After about 20 hours I started to notice that it would start smoking out the exhaust on heavy acceleration or climbing hills and even on gentle grades. Anytime I would put my foot in it, the smoke would pour out and my New Kawasaki Mule would act like it was running out of gas and loosing power. 

Being a retired Mechanic of 20+ years, I had an idea of what to look for. Sure enough, the oil level was reading high on the stick well above the full mark and looks milky. This is common to water and or gas mixing with the engines oil. Yes, I have a deep creek and have had this buggy across it several times in this short period of time that I have had it. So I did what anyone should do... change the oil and test it. Fired right up and ran like a champ with no smoke..... wooohoooo!!        WRONG!


Hmmmm, so off to the Google search and forums to see if anyone else had any issues and to see if there was a recall issued on this problem. After many hours of research I found many posts from others with the same problem but no fix and nothing form the Manufacturer on a fix. Being an a mechanic myself was not gonna give up on it. So I changed the oil again and started paying extremely close attention to the use as I am not the only one that operated this machine. The wife uses it in the garden and such... Nothing out of the ordinary was going on.  However, I was able to find a way to keep it from happening. 


Anytime the Kawasaki Mule is not in use it Must be parked on a flat level surface or with the back end UPHILL. Yep, that simple. If you park with the front end up hill, the gas flows and fills the engines crankcase. Park with the front end down hill and it does not. Tested and proven! Now have over 120 hard working hours on the meter and no more gas in the engine. I am still working on a more useful fix but for the money, this one is doing just fine. Hope this helps anyone that is having the same issues. 


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