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Sunday, January 26, 2014

1999 chevy malibu that broke down on me while driving

Hello. I have a 1999 Chevy Malibu that broke down on me while driving across the street today. was wondering if anyone may have any ideas? the check engine light's been coming on the past few days, a red low light has been coming on, don't know if it means low water or low oil. i checked the oil a couple days ago, but it looked a bit low so i added some to it. I looked at the radiator that same day and looked like there was water/antifreeze in it. dad looked at it today and he pointed out to me the anti-freeze was bone dry!!! he also pointed out the oil was a bit low, that it should be on "full" and not just over the "add 1-qt" line so I filled the radiator, and he topped off the oil but it still sounded like it wants to die when you start it.

this happened after i got gas at Walmart, and Walmart has that additive if you press the button for it. today though the screen showed a bunch of nonsense but nothing for "no" so i pressed the button that normally is "no", but i wonder if what i pressed may have accidentally put the additive in the gas, and maybe that ruined my car? i don't know.

dad was able to drive it surprisingly to a auto repair place for them to look at Monday. anyone have any suggestions what it might be?


  1. Sounds like you may have a dying fuel pump... maybe a clogged filter or maybe even a plugged cat converter

  2. If you think it is bad gas empty the tank and get a couple of gallons of gas you know is good.
    If the problem clears that is what it is but you will have to run it for about 20 min to completely clear the fuel lines normally.
    If it clears fill the tank almost full and add 1 gal of the bad gas to use it up, that will dilute it so it won't cause problems.

    ALSO: Water in the gas can cause major headaches , If there is water in the gas use a drying additive or 90% alcohol {1 Qt. to 20 Gal.} you can get at paint stores.
    do not use drugstore alcohol it is 90% water and just makes it worse.

  3. OK, thanks a lot for you and the other person who replied's advice, i will take your suggestions into consideration.