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Thursday, January 30, 2014

How do I fix my linkage?

not sure what its called (i think dad called it linkage) its what controls the gas pedal. that seems to be sticking a bit. i have included pics and circled so you can see what I'm trying to say. when i let off gas it causes truck to idle high, and by looking that piece isn't sitting straight. i can push it to the right a bit so it sits straight and the idle lowers like it should. what do you call that piece so i can replace it or any advice on how to get that fixed where it doesn't idle high?


  1. I forgot to mention its on an 88 s10 4.3 engine.

  2. I recommend you replace all the return springs and spray lube on all the linkages.

  3. That looks lie the retaining bracket for the throttle cable.

    If the plastic tabs on it are broken then you will need to replace it, also it could be "Frayed" inside the casing and this would make it stick also, only cure is replacement.

    Politically correct name for Throttle Cable is "Accelerator Cable"

    About $24 last time I bought one for my 89 Blazer

  4. i seemed to have fixed it. the plastic coating was pushing to the right causing the gas to act like its pushing down. i turned the whole plastic clip the other way aroudn in the bracket and it seems to be pushing up so its not idleing as high. i gassed it a few times and it seems to be fine now. never thought the cable direction where its bent looking would make a difference

  5. disconnect the unit ,,,it unsnaps....but be careful in the cold...things get brittle

    at the minimum....get some graphite lube powder and put in on the part of the cable

    that is showing and have someone work it back and forth with the gas pedal to spread the graphite

    and ...of course....replace the spring ( keep the old one in the trunk for an emergency )