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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Seat needs to be repaired

The driver's seat in my 1995 GMC Suburban needs some overhaul.  I think the springs on the underside have weakened.  Anyone have experienced this and if so, what is the solution?  Or where can I get new springs?


  1. The solution is to push yourself away from the dinner table sooner. Just kidding , couldn't help it. I haven't heard of anyone replacing the springs. I would just call around the salvage yards to find another one that matches or you could try to remove and replace the springs from an old one. Never seen any place where you could buy just the springs for something like this. Good luck.

  2. I need to practice pushaways - push away from the dinner table. Problem is I'm on a sea food diet - see food - eat it. I'm on the third junk yard seat; the first one broke when I leaned back to get my cell phone out of my pocket. I was told that this is a common occurance. Now, if I were 20 pounds lighter..........

  3. Off the wall suggestion.

    Try a auto upholstery shop, see if they can replace springs and or put in a firmer foam cushion.

    I found one in Phoenix, AZ. one time when I use to have that same seafood diet problem.

  4. Good suggestion - I'll see where there is a shop. Probably will have to go down the hill, doubtful our area has an upholstery shop.